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NEO y Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola firman un convenio para mejorar y optimizar la seguridad en la ciudad

Best paper GECCO-MO track: "Evolutionary Algorithm based on Parallel Coordinates" C. Coello, R. Hernández, E. Alba. 2016

NEO diseña herramientas inteligentes para mejorar la movilidad vial en la ciudad

Best paper award at INCoS'16: Optimal Allocation of Public Parking Slots Using Evolutionary Algorithms

Best paper award at Gecco'16 (EMO): A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on parallel coordinates

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Latest news (Feb'17): Dr. Alba press interview (Spanish)

IS for Smart Cities Smart Cities Spanish Bio-inspired SystemsSpanish
VideoHamlstad VideoSpanish VideoSpanish
6city: Cross-Intelligence for Smart Cities TIN2017-88213-R (2017-2019)

moveON Poject

TIN2014-57341-R (2015-2018)

maxCT: Movilidad Inteligente: Wifi, Rutas y Contaminación
AOP GGI3003IDII (2015)
roadMe: Fundamentals for Real World Applications of Metaheuristics: The vehicular case TIN2008-06491-C04-01 (2009-2011)

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Latest Lectures and Videoconferences

Mexico 2011
IPN and CINVESTAV, Nov. 2011, Mexico (by Enrique Alba)
NEO research in Malaga
NEO - Bioinspired Computing, Telecoms, VANETs, Software
NEO research in Malaga
NEO - Red Swarm: Smart Mobility in Cities with EAs. D. H. Stolfi
NEO research in Malaga
Tesis en 3 Minutos - Daniel H. Stolfi

NEO research in Malaga
Tesis en 3 minutos - Javier Ferrer

NEO research in Malaga
Tesis en 3 minutos - José M. García-Nieto

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