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Advancing Knowledge through Technology

As of June 2019: CHASS is now known as Information & Instructional Technology (IIT). Please note that we are working on a new web presence.

More about us: We are expanding to serve the Faculty better as a new department, “IIT - Information & Instructional Technology". The CHASS Data Service continues to be offered by IIT and is available at http://dc.chass.utoronto.ca/, You can learn more about A&S IT on the new ArtSci website: https://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/about/glance/administrative-units.

To submit a new issue/request and generate a ticket, please email our support address: iit@artsci.utoronto.ca. Old address support@chass.utoronto.ca will go away in the future.

We welcome a call if you would like to obtain an update or discuss an issue/request via phone:

  1. Main Escalation Line held by our Client Services Operations Lead, Thiba Sithiravel: 416-946-0570
  2. Service Delivery Lead, Natalie Wallace: 416-523-3908
  3. Director, Sotira Chrisanthidis: 416-407-4120
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