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Últimas Publicaciones del CEBAS

De la Fuente IM, Bringas C, Malaina I, Fedetz M, Carrasco-Pujante J, Morales M, Knafo S, Martínez L, Pérez-Samartín A, López J, Pérez-Yarza G, Boyano MD (2019).
Evidence of conditioned behavior in amoebae.
Nat Commun; 10(1): 3690. doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-11677-w.

Shahid, M.A., Balal, R.M., Khan, N., Zotarelli, L., Liu, G.D., Sarkhosh, A., Fernández-Zapata, J.C., Martínez Nicolás, J.J., Garcia-Sanchez, F. (2019)
Selenium impedes cadmium and arsenic toxicity in potato by modulating carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 180, pp. 588-599.

Prgomet, I., Gonçalves, B., Domínguez-Perles, R., Pascual-Seva, N., Barros, A.I.R.N.A. (2019)
A Box-Behnken Design for Optimal Extraction of Phenolics from Almond By-products
Food Analytical Methods, 12 (9), pp. 2009-2024.

Cortés-Martín, A., Romo-Vaquero, M., García-Mantrana, I., Rodríguez-Varela, A., Collado, M.C., Espín, J.C., Selma, M.V. (2019)
Urolithin Metabotypes can Anticipate the Different Restoration of the Gut Microbiota and Anthropometric Profiles during the First Year Postpartum
Nutrients, 11 (9), .

Barberá, G.G., Martínez-Garagarza, X., Martínez-Mena, M., Castillo, V.M. (2019)
Soil moisture dynamics alone does not explain differences in growth associated to organic amendment in a reforestation of a semiarid ecosystem
Catena, 180, pp. 383-391.

Sánchez-Monedero, M.A., Sánchez-García, M., Alburquerque, J.A., Cayuela, M.L. (2019)
Biochar reduces volatile organic compounds generated during chicken manure composting
Bioresource Technology, 288, art. no. 121584, .

Hunce, S.Y., Clemente, R., Bernal, M.P. (2019)
Energy production potential of phytoremediation plant biomass: Helianthus annuus and Silybum marianum
Industrial Crops and Products, 135, pp. 206-216.

Liu, S., Liu, L., Aranda, M.A., Peng, B., Gu, Q. (2019)
Expression and Localization Patterns of a Small Heat Shock Protein that Interacts with the Helicase Domain of Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus
Phytopathology, 109 (9), pp. 1648-1657.

Clemente Moreno MJ; Gago Jorge; Diaz-Vivancos Pedro; Bernal-Vicente Agustina; Miedes Vicente Eva; Bresta Panagiota; Liakopoulos Georgios; Fernie Alisdair; Hernández José A.; Flexas Jaume (2019)
Apoplastic antioxidant system and altered cell wall dynamics influence mesophyll conductance and the rate of photosynthesis.
The Plant Journal, 99, 1031-1046.

Andrés-Abellán, M., Wic-Baena, C., López-Serrano, F.R., García-Morote, F.A., Martínez-García, E., Picazo, M.I., Rubio, E., Moreno-Ortego, J.L., Bastida-López, F., García-Izquierdo, C. (2019)
A soil-quality index for soil from Mediterranean forests
European Journal of Soil Science, 70 (5), pp. 1001-1011.

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