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Numero 9 - Wholesale NFL/NHL/MLB/NBA/NCAA Jerseys
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Who we are

Cocktail bar in the heart of barcelona, with an outstanding selection of classic cocktails as well as self made innovative drinks, both prepared by professional bartenders with experience from the best venues of the city. If you´re looking for a hip and mixed crowd in a cosy and
cosmopolitan setting, Número Nueve is the place for you!




The Menu


[restaurantmenu  type=”dotted”]

** con guacamole
==7 €



==2,50 €

##Pan con tomate
** Bread with Tomato
==2,50 €





Take a look






Get in touch

If you want to know something more about Número Nueve
you can visit us or send us a message.


Carrer de la Vidrieria 9, 08003 Barcelona

MON – THU 17:00 – 2:30
FRI 17:00 – 3:00
SAT 17:00 – 3:00
SUN 17:00 – 2:30

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