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More than investing. We create solutions.

Finangeste is one of the leading loan servicing and real estate asset management companies in Portugal

Founded in 1978, Finangeste is the longest established NPL specialist in the Portuguese market and has a highly successful track record in the acquisition, management, and sale of non performing loan and REO portfolios.


Finangeste provides its partners with a fully integrated range of services in the acquisition, recovery and management of complex NPLs, the valuation, development and sale of large scale real estate projects, and the ongoing management of real estate portfolios.


This expertise and local knowledge, built up over four decades of activity, contributes to a deep understanding of the Portuguese real estate market, local real estate trends and current investment opportunities.

Finangeste provides its co-investment partners and clients with expertise across a wide range of specialized services in the management of non performing loans and real estate portfolios, including:


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