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[email protected] students visit Brazil

[email protected] Ph.D. students Alexandre Pombo, João Oliveira and Jorge Delgado visited Belém, Brazil as members of the FunFiCO Marie Curie RISE project. Their visit coincided with the VII Amazonian Workshop on Gravity and analogue models, where they presented their work, and the Amazonian High Studies School in Theoretical Physics where they attended courses on Numerical Relativity and Gravitational Lensing.

Evolutions of spinning bosonic stars

A long standing problem in General Relativity has been the dynamical properties of spinning bosonic stars. In the paper "Non-linear dynamics of spinning bosonic stars: formation and stability", a collaboration between Aveiro U., IST-Lisbon and Valencia U. (Spain), including N. Sanchis-Gual, F. Di Giovanni, M. Zilhão, C. Herdeiro, P. Cerda-Duran, J. A. Font and E. Radu, fully non-linear evolutions of the formation and evolution of both scalar and vector spinning bosonic stars have been performed.

100 years of light bending

On May 29th 1919 Eddington and Cottingham measured the position of stars near the sun during a total eclipse observed at the island of Príncipe, off the west African coast. Their results, together with the ones of another expedition undertaken by Crommelin and Davidson to Sobral (Brazil), were announced on November 6th 1919 and confirmed the General Theory of Relativity. This openned a new era in our understanding of gravity, space, time and matter... and made Einstein world famous.

Black hole spontaneous scalarisation - dynamical features

In a recent paper "Spontaneous scalarisation of charged black holes: coupling dependence and dynamical features", [arXiv:1902.05079], by [email protected] members A. Pombo and E. Radu, in collaboration with a group at IST-Lisbon (P. Fernandes, C. Herdeiro and N. Sanchis-Gual), fully non-linear evolutions of the process of spontaneous scalarisation of charged black holes.

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