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_NASLOVNA - Tripleks - _DESC - Wholesale NFL/NHL/MLB/NBA/NCAA Jerseys

We work under strict H.A.C.C.P. system.

Over many years of putting out high quality products we have gained trust of a large number of buyers.

In addition to wholesale distribution centres throughout Croatia (Konzum, Velpro, Agrokor, Roto dinamic, Spar...) and leading Croatian hotels, we are also able to meet the demands of more than 800 restaurants and bars (Leggiero bars, Time, Khala bar, Jimmy Woo, VIP travel). Below are some of our most loyal customers.

Production stages

  • going out to meet the clients directly
  • graphic design and logo preparation
  • print preparation and production
  • delivery in the shortest time possible

Packaging plant information

We provide four colour (FULLCOLOR) flexoprint service High print production quality and quick delivery is guaranteed For price and delivery details please contact us.


Our experience, the quality of our goods and services, reliable delivery and continuous improvement of our products and services have placed the company Tripleks at the very top of the Croatian market.

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