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Brna, island Korcula | Come and experience the best ! - Wholesale NFL/NHL/MLB/NBA/NCAA Jerseys

Welcome to Brna!


Be Active 

Dive to discover the sunken wonders hidden in a coastline. Explore every corner of a wild nature on foot, bicycle or scooter. Find hidden beaches only accesible by small boat. Try fishing or windsurfing. Play tennis, handball or soccer surrounded by sea and pine trees... Free your energy and glide through the air sailing ... Live every sensation!

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A trip to Korcula does not only mean geographical travel, but it also takes you back through time, as you discover centuries-old traditions and the remnants of the civilisations that have passed through and taken root on this remarkable island. Tradition which still live in us and our sword dances.

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Let your taste travel across centuries of tradition and relish every moment. Explore Mediterranean cuisine and discover its our specialties: delicious grilled fish, salted anchovies, delicacies such as pašticada, desserts like rozata, kroštule or fritule are among the many dishes in an unforgettable menu you can only taste here.

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Wine & Olive oil 

Follow the wine routes through our beautiful vineyards and taste our world-known indigenious white wines in every winery. Taste olive oil and discover many stories why olive is one of the icons of the Mediterranean culture and the fundamental ingredient of our lives and cuisine for more than 25 centuries...

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A place of preserved tradition and best wines... 

Island of Korčula, green and versatile, hidden in the south of Croatia, known as a birthplace of Marco Polo, rich in history and culture. An island for which you need to reserve enough time to explore....

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Turističke zajednice otoka Korčule: 

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