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The kayak is unique way of seeing and experiencing the beauties of the Istrian peninsula coastline with the wonderful Rovinj Archipelago, the protected landscape of Lim Fjord and National Park Brijuni. We can`t promise you`ll see dolphins, but we promise you an unforgettable experience. And hope to see a dolphin or two.



Bike through panoramic coastal paved roads, or gently rolling hills and rural roads with discovering picturesque towns and old villages of preserved beauty.


Speed boat rental & snorkeling tours

With this well equipped 7 meter speed boat you can visit any place along Istrian coastline in short time. Main activity on this tour is snorkeling through amazing underwater marine life with your guide.

We are offering you an active holiday that is beyond traditional tours, on one of the most beautiful Mediterranean coasts to enjoy swimming, snorkeling and paddling on many deserted beaches, or biking on rural roads. The experienced guides will teach you everything there is to know about marine environment and cultural heritage of Istria.

Have fun!

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