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Eurovia – Building North Macedonia - Wholesale NFL/NHL/MLB/NBA/NCAA Jerseys


ADEL Holding is a group of companies working in different business fields: construction, logistics, real estate, trade, distribution and marketing and advertising.

Family-owned, nationally known. In business since 1987, Eurovia is a family-owned construction firm with offices and jobsites throughout the North Macedonia. We provide the full spectrum of construction services including project planning, logistics, constructability review, value engineering, scheduling, cost estimating and budgeting, quality management, contract administration, and safety management. We are best known for our high level of client satisfaction in the preconstruction phase through our ability to strike the right balance between our schedule, budget and project goals.

Recent Projects

Investor: Private
Location: Tetovo
Surface Area: 650 m2
Year Completed: 2018
Investment Value: 125,000 €


Investor: Private
Location: Mala Rechitsa, Tetovo
Surface Area: 700 m2
Year Completed: 2018
Investment Value: 85,000 €


Investor: Private
Location: Leshnice, Tetovo
Surface Area: 360 m2
Year Completed: 2019
Investment Value: 49,000 €

Property Investment

Eurovia Property as part of Adel Holding is the leading owner of income generating real estate in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Berlin, and the CEE Region. Our active asset management, long-term horizon, and high quality portfolio have delivered consistently strong performance.

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BIM - Building Information Model

BIM? – It is a method for networked planning, execution, operation, and implementation of building projects.

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Building Construction

Benefit from the know-how we gathered from many years in the construction of turnkey projects and industrial facilities all over the world…

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Doing the right thing,
at the right time.


Completed Projects


Happy clients


Building & Construction in m2


poured concrete

Selected references

Tetovo, North Macedonia
  • street 101 | nr. 15
    1226 Zhelino | Tetovo, Macedonia

  • +389 44 350991

Skopje, North Macedonia
  • Kole Nedelkovski 61 lok 1
    1000 Skopje, Macedonia

  • +389 2 322 4944

Tirana, Albania
  • str. "Peti", building 27, entrance 1, ap. 4,
    Sauk, Farkë, 1044 Tirana, Albania

Are you looking for the best contractor of your construction project?

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