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Fersped - Wholesale NFL/NHL/MLB/NBA/NCAA Jerseys


Close monitoring, implementation of standards in the area of training, attendance to seminars, consulting conferences from the area of the core business of the company, legal matters, human resources, producing the acts of the company and of the companies where Fersped AD holds majority of shares, are only part of the activities of this sector.

The legal service within the sector is especially the one which elevates the cooperation with other Fersped's services to the highest level, providing smooth functioning of all parts as a whole.

CONTACT Vanco Stojanov
phone: +389 2 3149 301
fax: +389 2 3149 356
mobile: +389 70 732 361
e-mail: [email protected]

CONTACT Ance Vladicevska
phone: +389 2 3149 492
fax: +389 2 3149 496
mobile: +389 75 441 842
e-mail: [email protected]


Ul. Makedonija 11a 1000 Skopje

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