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following strictly legal regulations and prescriptions and with full corporate awareness and will, the company builds objects and introduces new technologies in operations of the corporation;
all potential polluters are built in the industrial zone of the city;
builds water filtering stations;


takes care of the employees and the pensioners;
ensures that salaries and benefits are paid within exactly established term;
bans all kinds of discrimination, exploitation, corruption, conflict of interests;
employs pensioners' children;
helps in any health or other needs of individuals;
cooperates with various organizations and institutions in the field of human rights and especially rights of children and disabled.


updates and improves the working conditions;
improves conditions of safety at work;
introduces and applies new technological and technical methods in order to facilitate the work and
achieve maximum results;
improves the service to clients and customers.


Ul. Makedonija 11a 1000 Skopje

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