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Fersped - Wholesale NFL/NHL/MLB/NBA/NCAA Jerseys


Over the years, Fersped AD Skopje has supported many cultural events and sport clubs in the country.


Music Festival- Makfest
Music Festival – Ohrid Summer
Macedonian Representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest
Skopje Jazz Festival
Off Fest
Manaki Film Festival
Macedonian National Theater
Memorial Center Nikola Kljusev
International Music Festival Ohrid Fest
Arts Festival in Bitola- Small Montmartre
Vlach Music Festival – Fantana di Malma
Painters’ colony in Ohrid


General sponsor of the Basketball Club Fersped Rabotnicki
General sponsor of the Volleyball Club Fersped Rabotnicki
Sponsor of the Football Federation of RM
Sponsor of the Bowling Federation of RM
Sponsor of the Swimming Federation of RM
Sponsor of Small Olympics
Sponsor of the Mounteneers’ association Ruen


Ul. Makedonija 11a 1000 Skopje

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